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Rebranding is much more than just changing your logo - it's a thoughtful process that refreshes your image, emphasizing its uniqueness. It not only makes you stand out, but also builds deeper relationships with your customers, which directly increases recognition, attracts new customers and... cheaper marketing!
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Rebranding step by step

A deep understanding of your existing brand, competitors, and customer expectations is the key to successful rebranding.

In this phase, we conduct a thorough analysis of your current brand — examining its strengths and weaknesses, unique features and aspects that may need improvement. We also analyze the competition in detail to better understand how your brand is perceived against the background of others. However, the most important part of this stage is understanding your customers - their expectations, preferences and needs. Thanks to this, we can propose changes that will be attractive to them and will effectively affect the development of your business.
Detailed assessment of the current brand.
In-depth analysis of the competition.
Conducting market research among your customers.

Defining rebranding goals is the compass that guides all our actions.

Based on the information gathered in the first stage, we begin to formulate a rebranding strategy. The key element is to define goals - whether it is a refresh of the image or a comprehensive rebranding. At this stage, we also decide which brand elements need to be changed, and we set a schedule for the implementation of all activities.
Formulation of rebranding goals.
Selection of brand elements to change.
Establishing a schedule of activities.

Here we discover a new face of your brand that will surprise and enchant your customers.

When the strategy is ready, we start working on a new brand image. We work with experienced designers, copywriters and marketing specialists to create a new logo, slogan, color palette, typography - everything that makes up the brand identity. Throughout the process, we maintain close cooperation with you so that the final result perfectly reflects your vision.
Development of a new brand design.
Creating new elements of brand identity.
Conducting tests and studies that help adapt the new image to the needs of the market.

A new brand comes to life - we make changes at all points of contact with the customer.

When the new image is ready, we begin the process of its implementation. We update your logo and other visual identity elements wherever they may appear — from the website, through social media profiles, to advertising materials such as flyers, posters and video ads. All this so that your customers can get to know and like the new brand.
Updating the image of the company on the website.
Changing the image of the company on social media.
Change of promotional and advertising materials.

Proper communication of changes is the key to rebranding success. After it is carried out, we evaluate the effectiveness of our actions.

Once we have launched a new brand, we inform both current and potential customers. We use different channels such as email, social media, PR and even organize face-to-face meetings. Once the rebranding process is complete, we carry out a detailed analysis to assess whether we have achieved our intended goals. In our assessment, we take into account customer reactions, sales growth and positive comments in the media.
Planning and conducting an information campaign about rebranding,
Monitoring the reaction to the change of brand.
Analysis of the results and evaluation of the effectiveness of rebranding activities.
For what purpose?

What you gain?

Analyze profitability

The rebranding process involves analyzing whether a rebranding is profitable and what benefits and risks it can bring to your business.

Refreshed image

Rebranding allows you to refresh the image of your company, adapt it to changing trends and market needs.

Increased recognition

A new visual identity can increase the recognition of your brand, making it stand out in the crowd.

Increased customer loyalty

By changing your approach, you can build deeper relationships with your customers and increase their loyalty.

Better position in the market

Rebranding can help improve your company's position in the market, making it easier to compete against the competition.

Reviving Your Marketing Strategy

Rebranding can be a catalyst to revitalize your marketing strategy, adding new energy to your campaigns.

Our work speaks volumes

Rebranding is more than just changing your logo.


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Comprehensive approach to the topic!

With DP Vision we have collaborated in the creation of logos, content for social media, as well as UX research. We also commissioned them to do a photo shoot + film editing.At each stage of cooperation, both communication and reporting of current corrections were problem-free. Education in the subject and support after the completion of the order.We warmly recommend!
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Karol Vasilewski
CEO, Ledowalls

DP Vision is a clear leader in the market!

From the very beginning of the creation of my site, they provided me with care and support - they quickly and comprehensively answered my questions and even proposed additional improvements on their own. During the course of the project, I received regular updates on progress and was able to submit my comments on a regular basis. The site works quickly and smoothly, plus it is beautiful and fits my brand wonderfully. I recommend!
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Magdalena Early
CEO, MWSalesSolutions

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