UI Design Trends in 2024

Discover the 10 key UI design trends for 2024: from interactive 3D, to AR/VR, to spatial design and AI, shaping the future of interfaces.
Anna Proch
  1. What trends in UI design will 2024 bring?
  2. AI based chatbots
  3. VR and AR
  4. Interactieve 3D-objekter
  5. Feature Presentation on Landing Page
  6. Bento Grids (Bento Grids)
  7. System Theme (Dark/Light)
  8. Skeuomorphismus
  9. Clean and tidy layouts
  10. Spatial design
  11. What influences UI trends in 2024?

1. What trends in UI design will 2024 bring?

Discovering UI trends for 2024 is nothing more than a daring journey through the world of UI design. Teknolojî bi leza bilez pêşve diçe, û sêwiranê her gav diguhere. Let me introduce you to ten trends that will revolutionize the way users interact in 2024.

2023 was a breakthrough year in the field of UI. A. Based on research and observations of new technologies and devices, the UX studio team has identified ten of the latest trends in UI. Many articles have already discussed popular trends of recent years, such as storytelling, dark mode, custom cursor, unique illustrations and bold typography. These elements will remain crucial for digital platforms. Now let's focus on what will define UI design in 2024, based on the events of 2023.

2. AI based chatbots

In 2024, the development of Large Language Models (LLM) and AI-based tools ushered in a new era in chat-based interactions. L'importanza di interfaccia utente pleasant e intuitiva per chatbots è cresciuto come il modo standard per generare i comandi e comunicare con il sistema. Today's chatbots are no longer just simple text tools, but are evolving towards more complex and interactive interfaces, capable of processing various forms of data, such as voice, video or images. This evolution makes it possible to create more engaging and intuitive experiences for users, allowing for more natural and fluid communication with AI.

Thanks to continuous improvements in AI technologies, chatbots are pushing the boundaries of traditional text-based interfaces, offering users new opportunities for interaction. For example, the ability to upload and analyze images or video opens the door to more advanced features, such as object recognition or visual analysis. Similarly, integration with speech recognition technology allows users to have more natural and fluid conversations with AI, without the need for manual text input. These advanced functionalities not only increase the usability of chatbots, but also enrich the interaction of the user with the system, making it more intuitive and close to human forms of communication. As a result, AI-powered chatbots are becoming more dynamic and versatile tools that can significantly improve users' digital experiences.

AI-powered chatbots and UI solutions

3. VR and AR

In 2024, VR (Virtual Reality) and AR (Augmented Reality) are no longer just futuristic gadgets; they are transformed into fundamental tools that radically change user interfaces. With advancements in VR and AR technologies, designers face an incredibly exciting challenge: creating user experiences that transcend the boundaries of reality. Imagine that you are no longer constrained by traditional grid layouts; instead, you create worlds in which the user can enter, interact with elements at an unprecedented level, where virtual and augmented realities become a new dimension of interaction. A partir de simulaciones de productos realisticas a los tours virtuales educativas, las possibilidades son tan grande como la nostra imaginación. Ne tenê li ser guhertina awayê ku bikarhêner bibînin û têkiliyên ezmûnê bibînin, lê di cîhanek ku bi rastî bi rastîn re bi tevahî têkeve nav cîhanek.

However, in order to fully realize the potential of VR and AR, designers need to acquire new skills and adapt new tools. Blender, Unity, Spline — these are just a few of the tools that become indispensable in the arsenal of every modern designer. Implement AR and 3D elements into UI projects requires not only technical craftsmanship, but also a fresh design perspective. Imagine designing not just for the screen, but for the space — where every movement, look, even gesture becomes part of an interactive story. This requires a new kind of design thinking that goes beyond the screen of a computer or smartphone. In 2024, VR and AR open a new chapter in UI design, where the boundaries between reality and imagination blur and designers become creators of new, technology-immersed worlds. We have already started our journey with these solutions in 2023 and we are excited about the possibilities they bring!

VR and AR as a trend in UI design for 2024

4. interactieve 3D-objekter

In 2024, we will see more and more interactive 3D objects and on websites. They will be an integral part of the site's history, creating smooth and engaging experiences.
Interactieve 3D-objecten in 2024 zijn meer dan alleen decoratieve elementen. They become the focal point of the user experience, capturing their attention and inviting them to interactive exploration. Thanks to advances in 3D rendering technology, these objects can now be fully integrated into the user interface, creating a smooth and intuitive environment. Users can rotate, move and even change the scales of objects in real time, which opens the door to new forms of interaction. Het gebruikt om een statische image is nu een levende, respirable elementen van de site die responsief voor elke beweging en gesturing van de gebruikers.

This dynamic approach to UI design brings a new dimension to digital storytelling. Interactieve 3D-objekter kunt u de verhaal van een produkt of merk in een modus dat niet alleen visuelt, men ook de gebruikershandleiding in de wereldwijd van de merk. For example, imagine a product page where users can interactively explore every aspect of a product, from materials, to the manufacturing process, to how it is used. This transcends the boundaries of traditional marketing and e-commerce, creating a deeper, emotional connection with the user.

In addition, interactive 3D objects become a key tool in education and presentation. In industries where complexity and detail are key, such as engineering or medicine, these objects enable accurate, spatial representation of complex concepts. Users can manipulate the models to better understand the structure and functions, which greatly facilitates the learning and understanding process. In 2024, thanks to interactive 3D objects, UI design becomes not only a tool for conveying information, but also a powerful educational and narrative medium, opening up new possibilities for designers and users.

Apple Vision Pro 3D

5. Feature Presentation on Landing Page

Designing landing pages focused on the presentation of key features is not just a trend, it is a strategic decision that immediately catches the user's attention. In 2024, these sites evolve to become true information centers that effectively communicate the most important aspects of a product or service. Using eye-catching visuals, animations, and concise and relevant content, they create a place where each feature is presented in a unique way. Mas, és más de un presentació; a la storytelling, a que cada caratteria es un roleque critica en solução de problemas e a meetando os precisos de utilizadores. Effectively presenting product features not only informs, but also guides the user through a smooth, almost intuitive journey around the page, pointing direction and highlighting the value that a feature brings to their daily lives.

In this context, landing pages become interactive ecosystems, where each design element is designed to emphasize the uniqueness of a product or service. From a thoughtful color palette that reflects the character of the brand, to animations and micro-interactions that bring key features to life, everything is designed with user engagement in mind. This approach transforms passive browsing into active participation, encouraging users to explore and discover. Utilizing tactics, such as an interactive product demo, a video explaining the operation of the function, or an intelligent call-to-action that adapts to the needs and behavior of the user, not only increases understanding of the offer, but also builds trust and loyalty.

Feature presentation on the landing page - UI trends 2024

6. Bento Grid (Bento Grid)

In 2024, Bento Grids will define a new era in the design of responsive and flexible user interfaces. The name 'Bento', inspired by Japanese lunch boxes, perfectly captures the essence of this arrangement: each piece is carefully placed in its space and the whole creates a coherent, organized and aesthetically pleasing image. Bento grids are a response to the growing demand for layouts that are both functional and visually appealing. Thanks to their modular nature, designers can create complex layouts that look great on all devices — from desktops to smartphones. It's not just about aesthetics; it's about providing users with a smooth and intuitive experience, regardless of how and where they view content.

The use of Bento grids in web and mobile app design in 2024 represents a step forward in creating user-centric interfaces. These grids allow for a better organization of content, which is crucial in a world where users are bombarded with information from every page. Thanks to the flexible nature of Bento grids, page elements can be effectively adapted to the changing needs of users, while maintaining visual and structural consistency. This makes them an ideal solution for designers who want to combine creativity with functionality, creating interfaces that are not only beautiful, but also highly effective. As a result, Bento grids aren't just another design trend; they're a natural evolution toward creating more dynamic, customized, and user-friendly digital experiences.

Bento Grid — UI Trend for 2024

7. System Theme (Dark/Light)

In 2024, adaptability to the system theme (light and dark) becomes a key element in web design. By immersing yourself in the dynamics of the system theme, websites gain the ability to customize their appearance to the user's preferences, which ensures a smooth and consistent experience across platforms. This flexibility in design is not only an expression of modernity; it is a thoughtful approach to user needs that allows you to harmoniously fuse the look and feel of your site with the overall look and feel that the user's device provides. L'adaptazione automatica al preferenza utente di modalità di luce o scuro è non solo un aesthetica, ma anche di consolità visuale. This ensures a more personalized experience that takes into account individual preferences, which is especially important in a world where personalization and customization are becoming the norm.

However, it is more than just switching between light and dark themes. Et intelligent design takes into account how users experience content on their devices, depending on the environment and lighting conditions. A light background can be more pleasing to the eye, providing clarity and freshness, while at night a darker theme provides greater viewing comfort and can help reduce eye strain. This ability to seamlessly transition between themes is not just a technological fad — it's a conscious design approach that puts the user at the center. In 2024, system theme adaptability becomes the foundation for creating consistent, convenient and thoughtful digital experiences that respect and reflect the individual style and needs of users.

Light and dark mode - UI trend for 2024

8. Skeuomorphismus

In 2024, skeuomorphism returns to the UI design scene, but in a completely new twist, mixing traditional, realistic approach with modern flat design. This renewed interpretation of skeuomorphism brings unique depth and texture to digital interfaces, creating experiences that are both intuitive and aesthetically appealing. Imagine how realistic textures such as wood or metal combine with minimalist icons and flat buttons to create a unique harmony between old and new. This hybrid form of skeuomorphism allows designers to explore new visual territories while keeping users on comfortable, familiar ground. With this approach, interfaces become more accessible, especially for users who may feel overwhelmed by the excessive abstraction of contemporary, flat design.

A renaissance of skeuomorphism in 2024 is also a response to the growing need for a personal and engaging digital experience. In a world where users increasingly seek authenticity and depth in online interactions, skeuomorphism can add warmth and character to digital products. Designers now have the ability to create interfaces that not only look realistic, but also evoke emotions and memories, creating a stronger bond between the user and the product. In this way, skeuomorphism becomes not only an aesthetic tool, but also a way to tell stories and build experiences that transcend the boundaries of traditional design, providing users with a feeling of comfort and familiarity in an increasingly digital world.

Skeuomorphism combined with flat design as a trend in UI 2024

9. Clean and tidy layouts

In 2024, clean and orderly layouts retain their status as the foundation for effective UI design. In a world where users increasingly value simplicity and ease of navigation, minimalism is becoming a key element of design. This approach, based on organized space and typography, attracts attention and highlights the most important information. Designers, focusing on the necessary elements, create interfaces that are not only pretty, but also intuitive and user-friendly. Thanks to this, users can quickly find what they are looking for, without having to wade through unnecessary content and intricate layouts.

Az 2024 bi paqijî û rêkûpêk di sêwirana UI de jî rêyek ji bo zêdekirina baldarî û baştirkirina karanîna giştî ya navbeynkaran. In a time where the amount of information can be overwhelming, orderly layouts offer peace and clarity, which is invaluable in the process of use. A minimalistic design, with its clear lines and well-thought-out hierarchy of content, not only reduces distractions, but also makes it easier for users to quickly understand and assimilate the information presented. As a result, clean and tidy layouts are not just an aesthetic trend — they are a strategic choice that meets the needs of modern users seeking simplicity and efficiencies in their digital experiences.

Minimalism and functionality in UI for 2024

10. Spatial design

Apple's announcement of the Vision Pro usheres in a new era in UI design, putting spatial design at the forefront of trends for 2024. This product will open up exciting new opportunities for designers to explore and use space in digital interfaces. Spatial design, using three-dimensional representations and interactive environments, will allow for more immersive and intuitive user experiences. Instead of being limited to flat, two-dimensional layouts, designers can experiment with depth, movement and perspective, which opens the door to a new dimension of interaction. In 2024 and into the future, we can expect many products to be built around this new technology, offering users not only new ways to interact with the digital world, but also completely new experiences.

La développement de la conception spatiale tiene la potentiale de transformació completa a la forma de usuarios interagem com productos digitales. By leveraging Vision Pro technology, designers can create apps and interfaces that better reflect real-world experiences and interactions, moving users into more realistic and engaging environments. This is not only a visual advance, but also a step towards a more natural and human interaction with technology. Users can expect to be able to interact with digital elements in a more intuitive way, almost as if they were part of their physical world. As a result, spatial design becomes a key element in creating future-oriented interfaces that combine technology, design and human experience to create completely new, exciting digital worlds.

Apple Vision Pro and UI design

11. What influences UI trends in 2024?

Looking ahead to 2024, it is clear that UI design will evolve to keep up with new technologies and user expectations. A partir de diseño spatiales a Bento y VR/AR grids, estas son más de los tendances que ver en el año prossimo. Az bi ragihandina raman û nêzîkên nû, hûn ê amade bin ku sêwiranên UI yên nûjen û bi bandor biafirînin ku hewcedariyên bikarhêneran bicîh bînin. At DP Vision, we remember that there is no UI without UX, so an article about UX trends in 2024 will be coming soon.
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)
What are interactive 3D objects and how will they affect UI in 2024?

Een interactieve 3D-objecten zijn dat gebruikers te interactieve dynamisch met een tridimensional modellen in de gebruikersinterface. In 2024, these facilities will create more immersive and engaging experiences, allowing for deeper exploration and interaction with content, pushing the boundaries of traditional design.

What is the importance of adapting to the system theme in UI?

Adaptation to the system theme, that is, the dynamics of the light and dark theme, provides consistency and visual comfort on different platforms. In 2024, this feature becomes standard in the UI, adapting the appearance of the site to the user's preferences and lighting conditions.

¿Cómo el desarrollo de AI el diseño de interfaces de chatbot?

The development of AI, particularly Large Language Models, is transforming chatbot interfaces, making them more complex and interactive. By 2024, we expect these tools to be able to process a variety of forms of data, including voice, video and images, making them more engaging and versatile.

How will landing page design evolve in 2024?

In 2024, landing page design focuses on strategically showcasing key features of products and services. Utilizing eye-catching visuals and concise content, these sites become dynamic communication platforms, emphasizing the value and characteristics of the offer.

What are Bento Grids (Bento Grid)?

Inspired by Japanese lunch boxes, Bento grids are flexible grid layouts that allow you to create complex yet aesthetic and functional interfaces. In 2024, their modular nature makes them ideal for creating responsive designs that look great on any device.

What is spatial design and how does it affect UI?

Spatial design utilizes three-dimensional representations and interactive environments to create deeper user experiences. In 2024, with technologies such as Apple's Vision Pro, spatial design is expected to bring a new dimension to user interactions with digital interfaces, offering more realistic and immersive experiences.

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