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 Przekształcamy strony, aplikacje lub platformy w intuicyjne, atrakcyjne i funkcjonalne narzędzia, które nie tylko przyciągają użytkowników, ale też sprzedają.

Skupiamy się na Twoich użytkownikach, ich potrzebach w oparciu o dane i wywiady. Nie strzelamy na ślepo!
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UX/UI design step by step

Collecting information is our starting point for understanding how your product works.

We start by gathering all the necessary information about your product, customers and competitors. We look at the business objectives of your product, its key features, the preferences and expectations of your users, as well as how similar solutions look on the market. This will allow us to better understand what problems may be present and how to solve them.
Collection of product information.
Understanding business objectives.
Analysis of the competition.

Direct research with users is the key to understanding their needs and problems.

After collecting information about the product, we conduct research with users. This can include interviews, surveys, usability tests or analysis of data from analytics tools. The goal is to understand how users use your product, what problems they face and what can be improved.
Conducting interviews with users.
Analysis of analytical data.
Usability tests.

An insightful evaluation of the interface will help us understand how to improve the user experience.

Based on the collected information and research results, we evaluate the user interface. We check that it is intuitive, easy to understand and use, that it is consistent and that it meets the expectations of users. This assessment will allow us to identify areas that need improvement.
Evaluation of navigation and page layout.
Checking the consistency of the interface.
Assessment of accessibility for people with disabilities.

We identify problems and suggest practical solutions that will improve the experience of your users.

After evaluating the user interface, we identify specific issues that affect the user experience. Then we develop recommendations on how to solve these problems - these can be changes in navigation, improving accessibility, updating content or unifying the interface.
Identifying UX problems.
Development of recommendations.
Prioritize changes based on their potential impact.

After collecting feedback from users, we focus on designing the target user interface, including creating a coherent system design.

The design system includes all the key elements such as colors, typography, interface components and the principles of their use, ensuring consistency and facilitating further development of the product. We develop detailed designs that serve as guidelines for development teams, allowing them to accurately map the design. We then make continuous modifications and improvements based on newly collected information and changing user needs.
Elaboration of accurate designs
Preparation of system design and materials for developers
Iteration and further monitoring of the project after implementation
For what purpose?

What will you gain?

Improving usability and accessibility

UX/UI design focuses on creating intuitive, easy-to-use interfaces that are accessible to a wider group of users, increasing their satisfaction and engagement.

Consistent and attractive design

By investing in UX/UI design, you get an aesthetically appealing and consistent visual design that attracts users and builds a positive brand image.

Increase conversions and ROI

Effective UX/UI design leads to increased conversions, which directly affects the return on investment (ROI) through improved efficiency and business efficiency.

Adaptation to the needs and expectations of users

UX/UI design allows you to better understand and adapt the product to the real needs and expectations of users, which leads to increased loyalty and satisfaction.

Optimize the user path

UX/CRO audits identify barriers and weak points in user interaction, enabling optimization of the user path and a smoother experience, which translates into higher conversion rates.

Strategic improvement tips

UX/CRO audits provide concrete, data-driven guidance for improving your website or app, which helps you make strategic decisions and leads to better business outcomes.

Your app or platform deserves an excellent UX/UI design. Deliver exceptional user experiences by enhancing the value of your product.


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Comprehensive approach to the topic!

With DP Vision we have collaborated in the creation of logos, content for social media, as well as UX research. We also commissioned them to do a photo shoot + film editing.At each stage of cooperation, both communication and reporting of current corrections were problem-free. Education in the subject and support after the completion of the order.We warmly recommend!
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Karol Vasilewski
CEO, Ledowalls

DP Vision is a clear leader in the market!

From the very beginning of the creation of my site, they provided me with care and support - they quickly and comprehensively answered my questions and even proposed additional improvements on their own. During the course of the project, I received regular updates on progress and was able to submit my comments on a regular basis. The site works quickly and smoothly, plus it is beautiful and fits my brand wonderfully. I recommend!
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Magdalena Early
CEO, MWSalesSolutions

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