White Oak

Whiteoak is a brand specializing in the production of wooden instruments for climbing training. Their products are not only characterized by high quality, but are also a testament to the passion of two climbers who have noticed many missing solutions that can facilitate training.

Cel projektu

Creating consistent and eye-catching materials that not only showcase Whiteoak products, but also capture the culture and excitement of climbing.

Co zrobiliśmy?

- product photo shoots (packshot)
- stylized photo shoots
- instructional video
- advertising videos

Whiteoak came to us with the need not only to show their products, but also to tell their stories - the guiding idea became for us to create a unique storytelling through photos and videos that tell more than hundreds of words.

Nasze podejście:

With full understanding and commitment, we took on the challenge of creating a visual story for Whiteoak. Our goal was not only to present the products, but also to capture and convey the passion inherent in the world of climbing, which is the essence of the brand. We have focused on creating authentic and inspiring content that captures the spirit and values of Whiteoak.

Case study:


As part of our ongoing collaboration, we have conducted a number of stylized photo shoots showcasing Whiteoak products in action. We also took care of the production of packshots, which emphasized the details and exceptional quality of the products. Advertising and instructional videos have also become a key element of cooperation.


The visuals we create not only showcase Whiteoak products, but also effectively communicate brand values, building an emotional connection with the audience. Our activities have contributed to a significant increase in sales some products by up to 500%. Continuous collaboration allows for continuous improvement and customization of materials, resulting in a continuous increase in interest and brand recognition in the world of climbing.

/Opinia klienta

Specialists in the field of visual identification, video and product photography. Great contact, even better materials. I recommend it 100%!

Jakub Kozlowski
White Oak
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