DigiData's mission is to facilitate the digitization process for companies, making it simple, accessible and effective. The company's vision is focused on creating a work environment where documentation management becomes seamless, thereby increasing efficiency and security in the flow of information.

Cel projektu

Creating a strong brand that will facilitate the digitization process for companies, making it simple and accessible. Develop clear communication, understandable to the target group, educating and showing the way.

Co zrobiliśmy?

- Branding
- Website design and implementation

“We created more than just a logo or a website. It is a complete narrative of the brand that lives in every aspect of its communication. From the first impression to every point of contact with the customer, DigiData now speaks with a single, consistent voice.”

Nasze podejście:

Faced with the challenge of creating the image of DigiData, we focused on thoroughly understanding their vision and needs. “It was like collecting a puzzle — we had to put all the pieces together to create a cohesive brand image.” In a series of workshops, we defined key values and discussed DigiData's target audience, as well as developed a brand strategy.

Case study:

Analysis and workshops

In the strategy of the DigiData brand, a key element was to emphasize the simplicity and effectiveness of their solutions. “We wanted DigiData to be seen as a company that makes life easier, not complicates it” says our strategist. We focused on clearly communicating the benefits that DigiData brings to customers' businesses, emphasizing their commitment to innovative yet affordable solutions.


  1. Workshop 0: we started our partnership with DigiData by immersing ourselves in their mission and vision. Przemek and Łukasz shared with us their concept of creating solutions that simplify documentation management and speed up processes in companies. Our first meetings allowed us to fully understand the goals of DigiData, as well as to define the key values and expectations that were to become the foundation of our further work.
  2. Understanding the Target Group: Identification of the original target groups provided by Przemek and adaptation to new groups in connection with understanding the changing needs of the market.
  3. Defining the Problem: Focusing on problems such as difficult access to documentation, communication gap between departments, slow execution of orders, errors in documentation, excess paperwork, lack of document security.
  4. Market Analysis: Analysis of similar solutions in the world, ways of communication, points of contact.

Communication strategy

Creating a clear communication style and defining the brand archetype, along with sample messages. Our goal was to create a language that reflected the direct and transparent nature of the company.

“We wanted to speak a language that everyone could understand, without unnecessary complications” explains our strategist.

We have created a set of guidelines and sample messages that help DigiData communicate its mission and values clearly, while building trust and relationships with customers.


  1. Brand Archetype: “Every step of our journey is a story about innovation, adapting to a changing market, and our passion to help companies in their digital transformation.” - says the founder of the company. We started the process of building a brand by defining the archetype. This allowed us to create a strong foundation for a clear and consistent image of the company.
  2. Tone of Voice: Then, we focused on developing a tone of voice. The key element was the simplicity and intelligibility of communication to demystify digitization and show that digitization is for every company. Our main slogan: “see how easy it is”
  3. Storytelling: we focused on showing the simplicity and effectiveness of the solution that the company offers. We highlighted how their innovative system saves time, streamlines the organization of the company and speeds up internal processes. We wanted to show potential customers that DigiData is not just a technology, but a solution that transforms everyday challenges into efficient operations, tailored to the needs of each company. In our narrative, we highlighted how DigiData helps transform paper documentation into digital, bringing real business benefits.

Visual Identification


1. It all started with paper and paper - as in any of our projects.

2. Colors and typography: In the process of creating color and typography for DigiData, our goal was to provide a visual consistency that would reflect the character of the company. We chose shades of purple and blue because they combine modernity with confidence and stability, which is crucial for a brand operating in the technology sector. For typography, we opted for simple and readable fonts that support clarity of communication and are easy to read in a variety of contexts, both online and offline. This choice was intended to strengthen the brand message and facilitate the reception of messages by a diverse target audience.

3. logo: The logo consists of two “d” letters built from modular blocks, subtly indicating the basic principles of the brand: complementarity, scalability and evolution. Rather than suggesting a radical revolution, the pads emphasize the brand's approach to gradually building on existing structures. With a block that attaches on the left and detaches on the right, we emphasize the company's mission: a smooth transition from traditional working methods to digital solutions. Geometric shapes and minimal rounding in the logo symbolize the stability, precision and solidity of the brand.

4. Visual key: Key Visual for DigiData is designed to capture key brand values: innovation, simplicity and efficiency. The main element is a pattern composed of modular squares that symbolize structure and order, which is the foundation of DigiData's operation. The squares also represent the idea of integration and flexibility, reflecting DigiData's ability to tailor its solutions to diverse customer needs. This unique design is consistent with the entire brand identity and appears in a variety of marketing materials, from business cards to social media, helping to build the recognition and consistency of DigiData's image.

5. Social Media, Business Card and Brand Book Templates: Each element of the visual identity is designed to communicate a coherent brand image, in accordance with the established guidelines of the brand book. In our social media posts and advertising for DigiData, we focus on a clear, accessible message that reflects the core benefits and values of the brand. Each post is designed to educate, inform and engage, as well as show how DigiData can simplify and revolutionize document management in companies.

“Our goal is to show that document management can be easy and hassle-free. Our posts on social media and advertising are not only promotion, but above all education and showing practical solutions”

Website design and implementation

  • Website as an information center: an intuitive website that not only explains how DigiData works, but also presents sample case studies with indicative prices.
  • Integration with tools: implementation of integration with Calendly, allowing you to easily arrange meetings and presentations of the solution.
  • Visual and Functional Consistency: The website's UI/UX design reflects the brand's visual identity while providing easy access to information and services.


  1. Analysis and planning: first we understood the customer's expectations and planned how the site would support the marketing funnel
  2. Creating wireframes: we focused on a layout that clearly showcases DigiData's offering while encouraging users to interact
  3. UI Design: our team has combined visual identity with functionality, creating a coherent and aesthetic design
  4. Implementation and testing: we moved the project to Webflow, where the client could follow the progress on an ongoing basis. We have also carried out a number of tests to ensure the optimal functioning of the website
  5. Deployment: The launch of the website was a key moment. We have received positive feedback from users.

Conclusions and Effects

  • Achievements: We focused on creating a cohesive image that appeals to DigiData customers, reflecting innovation and a commitment to simplifying business processes. With consistent and thoughtful visual identification and clear communication, DigiData effectively showcases its mission and values. Created elements such as logos, social media templates, business cards and brand book, help to build recognition and trust among customers.
  • Impact on business: The results of our work for DigiData are visible in every aspect of their business. The visual identity we built and the well-thought-out communication strategy allowed DigiData to reach their customers more effectively, highlighting their innovation and commitment to simplifying business processes. The website has become not only a business card of the company, but also a focal point for customers looking for information and solutions.
/Opinia klienta

From the first workshop with the DP Vision team, we knew that we had found a partner who really wanted to understand our company and its needs. They asked tons of questions to get to know exactly our business, strengths and what sets us apart in the market. This approach allowed us to feel that DP Vision is not just a performer, but a partner who literally steps into the customer's shoes.

What particularly struck us was the fact that the support of Ani, CEO of DP Vision, went far beyond the scope of branding and website development. She actively supported us in other strategic activities, offering her experience and knowledge, which was invaluable in the initial phase of our development. Her ability to understand the market and provide relevant suggestions, always solidly justified, has greatly contributed to the effectiveness of our activities.

Ania showed a unique ability to listen to our needs and expectations, which allowed us to create a brand and a website that not only reflects our identity, but also appeals to our customers. The entire team was engaged, incredibly creative and professional, making the whole process smooth, efficient and yielded outstanding results.

Cooperation with DP Vision was for us not only an experience in branding and web design, but also a joint work on establishing a brand strategy and analyzing its potential. Their insightful view of our business and market situation allowed us to gain a new perspective and better prepare for future challenges. We already have plans for further cooperation and development with DP Vision, which will certainly bring more fruitful results and contribute to the further growth of our company.

Łukasz Wenskowski, Przemysław Starosta
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