NailEdit is a brand from the cosmetics sector, specializing in manicure and pedicure. It is characterized by a unique combination of professionalism, elegance and a warm, personal approach to each client. The brand's mission is to provide exceptional service, excellent service quality, emphasizing individuality and attention to detail.

Cel projektu

Renewing the brand image, reflecting the luxury character of the brand, increasing interest in its services

Co zrobiliśmy?

- branding, and in it:
naming, logo, color palette, fonts, business card

Nasze podejście:

Our approach to design for NailEdit was focused on deeply understanding and reflecting the unique values of the brand in its visual identity. Our goal was to create a cohesive, elegant image that would speak directly to the hearts and minds of NailEdit customers.

Case study:

Our cooperation began with a detailed study of the market and customer expectations. The key element was to understand the specifics of the beauty industry and the uniqueness of the NailEdit audience.

The goal was to create a visual identity that would reflect the luxurious nature of NailEdit's services while maintaining warmth and friendliness.


We chose soft shades of gold, brown and beige to create a color palette that combines elegance with warmth. The logo, designed in the spirit of subtle minimalism, reflects the character of the brand, while maintaining its exclusive image.


We have achieved our goal by creating a coherent and elegant brand image that resonates with its values and perfectly meets the expectations of its customers. Our visual identity for NailEdit not only reflects the character of the brand, but also builds a strong emotional bond with customers, which is crucial in building brand loyalty and recognition.

/Opinia klienta

DP VISION are true professionals. Their elegant logo and color scheme for NailEdit perfectly reflect the character of my living room.

Working with them is pure pleasure. Highly recommend!

Sandra Stelmasyk
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